Roaring Lion Public Relations


The practice of
public relations supports a variety of business goals.

Public Relations as a Strategy

Public relations raises your company’s profile, makes people more aware of what you offer and how it benefits them. We specialize in helping businesses develop and implement a public relations action plan. When you work with us, you’ll gain a partner in your business, a team of trusted advisers. We become a valuable member of your business team. Your goals become our goals, and you can count on us to get it done.

Roaring Lion PR's strengths include flexibility, an ability to see the big picture and our team's dependability. We will approach your business’ needs with a strategic point of view, help you set the right goals and find the best ways to meet them. Roaring Lion PR offers experience working in non-profit, agency and corporate settings with clients ranging in size and industry. This variety of clients demonstrates the broad need and effectiveness of public relations.

Whether you’re looking to launch a customer-focused newsletter, want to increase awareness and sales for a specific product, or need someone to ghostwrite blog posts for you on a regular basis, our team has the talents and skills you need to be successful. Tap into them, and we’ll do great things together.

These examples of services are the most common areas of need among small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to incorporate public relations into their business operations. What you pick will depend on your budget and your current public relations function. This list is not intended to be all inclusive or fit every business. For a more personalized approach to your public relations needs for your business, schedule some time for a free consultation

Retainer Services

Focus on what you know – your company and your business. Bring me on board for a set fee every month, and I’ll work for you every day to make sure your public relations function is working in high gear. If it’s a full public relations team you need, I’ve got the resources. Once we set your goals and objectives, we’ll build a public relations plan that ensures you achieve them.

Social media content management and marketing

An important part of telling your story is a strong presence on social media channels. Roaring Lion PR works with you to develop your messages and style, the right channels for your business and how you want to interact with your customers through these channels. Every business has different needs and comfort levels with social media, and Roaring Lion PR can take on as much or as little of the social media work your business needs. 

Project based

If you’re looking for an expert writer, planner and project manager to temporarily augment your team for a specific period of time or for a specific project, Roaring Lion PR seamlessly steps into your team's existing efforts to take on the work you need done, such as writing and editing company materials, event planning, project management for corporate initiatives and product launches. 

staff extension

For businesses that understand public relations is a necessary function of a good business, but don't  have room or the budget for a full-time public relations staff, Roaring Lion PR is a great solution. We work alongside you, getting to know your business, your style, your goals and your "voice" so that we can be an extension of your business for an extended period of time.